Besuch aus Californien


Our friends Lauren and Denny AhTye

(In the dining-room of Erika and Norbert Bock)

Michael, Sandra, Juergen and Lauren - September 2004

(In front of the Castle Schnellenberg, on a sunny fall-day)


Juergen, Michael, Brigitte (Sandra's mother), Sandra in the ice-parlor

Sandra's mother works there. We had a really great time together, nice bunch of calories :-)


Juergen, Michael and Denny

(In the park of Castle Bahmenohl on a cool fall-day. This picture was taken one day before Lauren and Denny returned to the United States)

Sandra and Lauren are reading in the ice-parlor.

(You see, we have not eaten all the time ;-))

Lauren is calling the United States.

She is standing in front of the window of our living room.




The evening before the return to California. Michael and Juergen, Sandra in the middle of us, on our couch. Very close to Juergen: Fonso, the 'watchdog'. This picture is taken in our living room.


Denny and Lauren unwrapping 'good-bye-gifts'.

(NO, Denny is not drinking beer.... It is just a glass. As you can see it is empty..)



Here we are! Talking about the great time we have spent together. Also taken a day before the return to the states.


Lauren and Michael... We are standing on the balcony of my aunt and uncle's house.

This picture was taken on a warm, sunny fall-day in the end of September.


Now you have seen a bit of our last vacation. Needless to say, how sad we all were when they had to leave a bit earlier.

Ok, the good news:

Lauren and Denny will be back on June 1, 2005 !!

--- We are all looking forward to it ---

Lauren and Denny: Thank you for the good time we have had with you. We're really looking forward to see you soon.

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